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07/10/20242.9.53Added Board Meeting notes for July 2024.
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07/18/20232.9.45Added July 2023 Board Meeting Minutes, and removed 'UNAPPROVED' from previous Board Meeting.
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06/24/20232.9.43Added Get Pool and Tennis codes from Restricted Area.
06/23/20232.9.42Added May's Board Meeting minutes, and removed 'UNAPPROVED' from the April Board meeting in 2023.
04/19/20232.9.41Added April 2023 Board Meeting Minutes and removed 'UNAPPROVED' from the January Board meeting in 2023. Updated swimming pool rultes document
01/14/20232.9.40Added January 2023 Board Meeting Minutes and removed 'UNAPPROVED' from the October Board meeting in 2022.
11/18/20222.9.39Added the Annual Meeting Minutes 2022.
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10/12/20222.9.37Added Board Meeting Minutes for October 12th, 2022.
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07/03/20222.9.35Added special board meeting minutes to restricted area. Added Photos of Ice Cream Social for 7/3/2022.
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05/10/20222.9.30Added Board Meeting for May 10th, 2022. Updated the Meet the Board Members page.
04/06/20222.9.29Added Monthly Complete Finance Records to Board Members section.